Thursday, 28 March 2013

Photoshop Digital Experiments

This was the first digital experiment I did using an image from my crash zooming photo shoot experiments. I chose this photo to experiment with because I feel that it is one of the best ones from the photo shoot because of how the zoom is focused in on the man near the centre of the image. For this first photoshop experiment I first chose to crop the image down and then changing the image to black and white. When changing the image to black and white I experimented a lot with the different levels/percentages of colours in the photo. I ended up decreasing the yellow bar in the settings and increasing the other colours slightly which made the faces of the people in the photo turn black which I really liked because it links back into my theme of hidden identity which wanted to achieve.   

I then also wanted to try this blank face technique with the photo being colour as well. I did this by painting in the face of the main person in this photo dark black. When I did this I though that It didn't look as realistic as the first one I did so I then decided to lower the paint layers opacity so that you could slightly see the mans face. I do like this effect because it looks like his hood over his head is giving a shadow to cover his face however I do like the first black and white one much more. I feel that I am going to experiment this blacked out face idea further by maybe taking the photo of a different younger person in a different location, E.g a teenager in an estate or on the streets of London and apply this technique of blacking out there face and removing they're identity when they are wearing a hood to show how teenagers are negatively stereotyped and portrayed sometimes as thugs, gang members, drug dealers etc.   

This was the third and final digital experiment I did of this crash zoomed photograph. I used to different coloured boxes and then changed the setting so that they were an overlay layer to give this photo filter effect to certain parts of the image. I do like this effect but feel that the colours I used are too bright and feel that I should've used darker colours like in my first experiment because I think the darker colours fit better with this image because the male in the photo is wearing a hood which is shown in London today as a sort of bad thing sometimes because a lot of people feel that if your wearing a hood you have something to hide about yourself or you dont want to be seen. I dont think that I am going to experiment further with this coloured box technique but might experiment with the aspect of layering because I feel that the layering of the boxes gives more depth to the image. 

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