Thursday, 28 March 2013

Collage Experiments

This was my first collage experiment I created. I made this collage by using my own photocopies of my darkroom images and also two different parts of a magazine to add more layer colours in the background. I like how Ive done this collage because its simple and I like how Ive combined different parts of my own darkroom photos together.  

This is my other collage that I created using two photocopies of one of my darkroom images. I created this by first ripping the edges around one of the photocopies to make it smaller and then adding a new copy of the same image underneath the ripped one. I like how I have used the ripped paper effect in the simple collage. I feel that I could improve this collage by adding more layers by maybe using coloured card to stick this collage on.

I then created a third collage using pictures and different typography from two different magazines. I first started off by using two photographs and then added the text which related to the photographs to give a meaning to the collage. I made the collage by using ripping techniques and layered the images and text. I do like this quick simple collage but feel that I should've tried to use my own photographs and maybe could've made my own typography.

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