Thursday, 20 June 2013

Julie Cockburn: Digital Experiments

This is my first digital Julie Cockburn experiment that I created in photoshop. I used a colour photograph of Albert Einstein that I found online and used photoshop to digitally manipulate the photograph in the style of Cockburn's work. I used the triangle shape in photoshop and created a clipping mask so that I could copy and paste parts of Einsteins face in the triangular shape onto the original photograph. After taking different parts of Einsteins face, I then Shuffled the pieces up and arranged them in random places on top of the original photograph to create this Julie Cockburn inspired piece. I do like this experiment but I feel that I could've improved this by Arranging the triangles so that they created a bigger shape on top of Einsteins face. I really like this piece by Cockburn because of how its much neater (below).  

My Second Experiment:

This is my second digital experiment I tried on photoshop. For this piece of work I wanted to create my own style and add my own sort of twist to Julie Cockburn's work. I first found another colour 60's portrait online and then started to experiment on photoshop. I still when with the use of the clipping mask technique but this time I used hexagons and also added a colour filter to the shape every time I added it on to the original image. I really like this style that Ive done and feel that if I did more work like Cockburn's I would definitely try this again.

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