Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Erik Kerstenbeck

Erik Kerstenbeck is a San Diego photographer who describes himself as edgy, creative and unique. He is also the co-owner of Kerstenbeck Photographic Art. Erik has been self studying photography for 30+ years starting with an old Brownie Box Camera. He thrives himself in all aspects of  Light, Composition, Technical aspects of equipment and Post Processing Techniques.

In the first unit 'the everyday project' I did look at Erik Kerstenbeck's work and did have an idea to try and experiment with shutter speed to try and take my own motion blur photography. In this unit I did not develop my idea any further and ended up experimenting more with photograms. I have now decided to look at Erik Kerstenbecks work again more in-depth as now motion blur photography is much more relevant to my work as  this whole unit is about light.

Erik Kerstenbeck tutorials on his websites have helped me in choosing the right settings for my camera for when taking photographs of motion blur. I really like Kerstenbecks Motion Blur light photography work because of what he includes in the frame, for example I really like how he merges the two ideas of architecture of the Flatiron building and motion blur of the cars and taxis in this photograph (on the left). 
I also really like the different reflections and blur of light in the photograph of 'San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter' (at the top of blog post). "Another nice thing to consider is rain, I waited until the streets were soaked before shooting this to get added reflections of the city lights."- Erik Kerstenbeck.
When taking more photographs of light motion blur I am going to consider experimenting with architecture in the background of my photos and also try to experiment with light reflections from rain or even streams or rivers.