Friday, 25 January 2013

Jr Experiments

Once I had experimented a lot with my other image I then wanted to experiment more with my motion blur images I took in London. I chose this image because I really liked the blur of the bus and the lighting of the houses of parliament behind the motion light blur.

I firstly chose this image that took of my friend and wanted to use it to layer onto big ben just like I used my other portraits to layer onto the buildings on my first motion blur photograph taken in croydon.
I used the layer setting 'hard light' instead of overlay because it looked more realistic like the portrait had been placed on big ben, like JR's work. I then used the perspective tool and placed the portrait neatly onto the building, I really like how I used the perspective tool to place the subject onto big ben as it looks like the portrait is wrapped around.   

I also tried experimenting with different placements of the portrait onto different areas of big ben.
I did not like this placement of the subjects face on big ben ben as I really liked the lighting of big ben on top and I felt that the placement of the portrait was much better underneath the clock.  

I also tried adding more portraits behind the motion blur of the bus on the side of the houses of parliament. I did not like this experiment because I felt they looked too small and didn't look very realistic on the building.

This is my final outcome:

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