Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Edgar Martins

Edgar Martins is Portuguese by birth and grew up in Macau, China. He completed an MA in Photography & Fine Art at the Royal College of Art following a BA (Hons) in Photography & Social Sciences at the University of Arts London. His work is represented internationally in several high profile museums and private collections. This selection of photos by Edgar Martins is called dimishing present. In these photos Martin's focuses on taking photos of night and day landscapes in quite isolated places E.g woods, fields, and quiet streets.

"The Diminishing Present assesses how various spaces have been forced to conform to increasingly urban and artistic ideals, adopting the codes and language that it yields."- Edgar Martins.

For lighting, Martins uses natural lighting and lighting from streetlights. In these two photos edgar martins uses the bright colours of the streetlights to brighten up the surroundings. In the photo on top I really like how he has focused on this small tree and the streetlights are blurred in the background.

I have chosen to look at edgar martins work because his work relates to the light project that we are studying in class. When I first started researching his work I felt that his work was simple and had deeper meanings because in this project Martins has a big selection of photos. I really like these photos because they are simple and contemporary.

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  1. This is good Luke, well done. Now upload your still life analysis, then upload your initial still life experiments and relate to the still life work you have looked at. Also annotate your own work, with potentials and limitations maybe. Well done.